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Let Certified Credit Counselors handle on your budget

Are you interested in reducing credit card debt? Do you want to know how to consolidate debt? If getting out of credit card debt is your goal, then you care in the right place: http://www.anewhorizon.org. They can assist in credit card debt consolidation for people with bad credit or good credit. They will assist you to get out of debt. They have a completely confidential debt consolidation credit counseling and budget analysis.

Are you familiar with Credit Counseling? Credit counseling organizations offer a variety of financial information to the consumers such as budgeting and saving tools and also the proper use of credit cards. This means that a consumer enrolled in debt consolidation credit counseling will pay less total money each month, but because of the lowered interest rates, a much greater portion of that money will go toward reducing the balances. It is a win-win situation for the consumer and the creditor. But remember, this is not a loan. This is about how to consolidate debt.

Call New Horizon today! Let their Certified Credit Counselors help you get a handle on your budget and pave the way for a strong and secure financial future.

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