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Mobile Affiliate Marketing: Are you In?

It seems that mobile is both one of the less crowded affiliate marketing platforms, yet one of the fastest developing out there. According to a analysis conducted by Strategy Analytics (March 2010), at the end of 2009 there were an estimation of almost 530 million users browsing the mobile Web on their handset, and this is forecast to rise to over 1 billion by 2015. Some states that this phenomenon is largely due to the rapid rise of popularity and use of iPhone as well as other smartphones, Blackberry for instance. The facts are obvious, the mobile internet is growing, and marketers still have plenty of opportunities there.

Mobile affiliate marketing is the perfect way for webmasters to try to earn a little extra income from their websites. According to MobGold, the leading global player in the mobile advertising arenas, Publishers use MobGold to monetize their traffic by serving contextual ads for their users. One may make money online from mobile traffic just by becoming a MobGold Publisher, at the same time one can learn more about MobGold’s solutions for mobile web affiliating.

MobGold Affiliate Program is free to join and easy to use. As an affiliate, MobGold will provide a unique link to be placed on the affiliate’s website. And each time a visitor clicks on the link to MobGold website, signed up as a Publisher and has a Site approved by MobGold, the affiliate will earn the commission.

Just five easy steps to get started with MobGold Affiliate Program, first of all, one has to register a MobGold account. After the registration, an email confirmation from the affiliate is required by MobGold. Thirdly, the affiliate can login to MobGold, and next click the ‘My Affiliate’ tab. Finally, copy the unique affiliate link and start promoting.

Mobile affiliating marketing has become a new trend in mobile web marketing as well as affiliate marketing program. MobGold creates a channel for publishers, network operators, web portals and mobile phone retailers to monetize their mobile traffic, at the same, allowing consumers to access millions of contents and services on the move. For further information, please visit My Affliate.

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